BioPharMatrix (BPM) is about creating Smarter Lifesciences by applying Contextual Decentralized Directional Intelligence (CDDI) – a strategy to best use disruptive techs in your human organization.

CDDI is about having a human-centric strategy to enhance disruptive technological systems, leading to more accurate and automated technologies. Each step builds upon the previous one, starting with human-centric approaches and culminating in advanced artificial intelligence applications, demonstrating the interconnectivity between human behavior, technology, and AI innovation.

Disruptive Techs

We identify your existing legacy technologies and explore where disruptive technologies could fit in to enhance output.


Valuable People

Identifying existing people who you trust and are trainable to embrace new technologies that would enhance existing processes.

Hyper Efficiency

Once new technologies with updated processes are in place. We elevate your performance standard with hyper efficiency.


Elon Musk once famously said that our biggest existential threat is artificial intelligence.  Musk’s perspective is that advanced AI; if developed without careful oversight, could become uncontrollable and capable of actions harmful to human existence. Similarly, misuse of disruptive techs could cause existential threat for your organization. We work with you to customize a CDDI strategy specifically for your organization.

Hero Illustration

Directly working with decision makers to implement disruptive approaches and techs into your existing systems. Our mission is to reinvigorate your existing organization by deploying your trusted employees and systems.

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